Spring has come, along with new beauty trends! While some of these trends may be quite desirable, others might fare better by keeping to the runway. Foam hairdye is becoming popular, along with red lips of all sorts of shades, modern cat eyes, doll lashes and rosebud colored lips. Those sound pretty appealing, right? On the other hand, below I have come up with a list of, well, Spring beauty trends that one might want to avoid, based on some recent fashion shows.

Note: Not arranged in any particular order, and the names may not be “official.”

1. “Wet Look” Hair

The look after you get out of a pool, or out of the shower, hair damp and a bit stringy but not completely dripping with water either. Umm… to me, if one wears that style on purpose for a long period of time, it can make her look like she has greasy unhealthy hair or put too much product in it. I guess it has to do with how “wet” one wants the hair to look too and how it’s styled. Sometimes my hair looks kind of like this, but it’s due to not washing it for a day rather than purposely styling it.

2. Fancy Frizzy Hair

Usually, we don’t like frizzy big hair, right? That’s why we have straightening and thinning products and tools. Well, doll it up and it still looks. Frizzy. It still looks really poofy. Must be hard to handle, and people will have to stand within a three foot radius from you or the hair will get them! (Joking) Sure it might make your face look smaller and more petite, but all that volume is probably not very practical for every day wear, perhaps. Some small animal or insects might be tempted to make your hair their home…

3. Metallic Leaf Eyes

Gold or silver, having a leaf (more like sheet of metal) that goes over your eyelid doesn’t look very comfortable. Even if it’s tiny pieces stuck on, it still would stick out from the eyeshadow. Imagine those specks falling into your eyes by accident. Ouchie. Sure, this makeup accessory is one way to make oneself noticed, but it is bound to attract more stares of distaste than approval on a normal school or work day. Perhaps a performance needing eccentric dress might be an occasion?

4. Dramatic, Extreme Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are known to be sexy, and many girls look absolutely stunning in it. Exaggerate the look though, and you’ve got a raccoon. A scary one, on top of that. This look needs to calm down, unless one is on the runway in front of a large audience. If you turn around to face your friends, you will probably get quite a hilarious response, though I’m not sure if it woud be an appreciative one.

5. Bold, Colorful Lips

The big! The bold! Blues, purples, greens, yellows, oranges, anything aside the reds and pinks, pretty much. It does sound fun to try a bright and cool different color out, but will it look nice even if it matches your outfit? Maybe, just maybe, but it can prove to be distracting when you talk to people in popping bright green lip color. Not ideal for interviews or speeches for sure. Dab it down a bit?

6. Power Brows

Full eyebrows make one look more youthful. But what happens if the brows are thickened too much? Um, I’m personally not a fan, to be quite honest. An inch thick (okay maybe half an inch) might be a bit much. Like someone got too excited with the brow liner. No thank you. I don’t need that much of an emphasis. Also, it might overpower the rest of the makeup one is wearing.

All of these trends could be lessend in their dramatic-ness, but overall, I’m confident to say that I would not want to follow any of these trends, even though they are big on the runway and in fashion shows this Spring. There seems to be a theme her though: BOLD. Which trend(s) do you want to try out or avoid?