Foundation powder in paper form. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it exists in the form of Mai Couture’s Foundation Powder Paper. Mai Couture’s Foundation Powder Paper is a sheer tinted sheet with illuminating powder that gives skin a natural flawless complexion — without the use of a brush and all the hassles of brush use.

Mai Couture’s Foundation Powder Paper claims to be the first all natural, paraben free, talc-free powder in paper form. A recent quick search on Google suggests that that claim is most likely true. Other claims state that it’s got a long lasting formula, with a velvety powder that softens the appearance of imperfections, evens skin tone and controls oil.


The packaging of Mai Couture’s Foundation Powder Paper is pretty similar to what you would expect for oil blotting papers and you get 50 sheets in a pack. The only differences to note is that it’s got a super luxe white glossy finish with gold lettering and that it’s more like a booklet with protective sheets on each end as opposed to a stack of blotting papers in a pocket. Inside booklet are instructions for use. Here are some photos of what the inside looks like:


Application is pretty easy and straightforward. Press the sheet on the areas outlined in the diagram, then buff and blend away the powder. In a nutshell, pretend your sheet is a brush after you press all over your face.


Nude Glow — this is the medium shade out of three shades (Fair Glow, Nude Glow and Golden Glow). This is also the shade that suits me best as you can barely see much of it in my skin since it blends in well.

Fair Glow (left) and Golden Glow (right)


The Foundation Powder Paper feels like paper but with a thin layer of velvety powder on one side. As a reminder, this stuff is still powder, so keep it away from your clothes.




Mai Couture’s Foundation Powder Paper works best for touch-ups over your real foundation or as an option for days when you only require light coverage and a glow to your face. Coverage is definitely buildable, but requires more than one sheet. For me to achieve medium coverage and for it to begin to even the tone of my skin, I’d have to use 4 sheets. The downside of building coverage is that you also build shine as it is an illuminating powder. Building on shine only made me look greasy (when I wasn’t) in areas like my forehead and cheekbones. As for oil control, I found its efforts to be average at best. My face is a greaseball usually and I found myself getting oily after 4 hours. Not quite as long-lasting as I’d hoped.

I do appreciate that the Foundation Powder Paper is more slim than compact powders, especially because of the lack of need for a brush or a buffer. One thing I think would elevate its existence as a ‘flawless-on-the-go’ product is a mirror or a case housing the Foundation Powder Paper with a mirror. While you don’t need a brush to apply the Foundation Powder Paper, you do need a mirror to evenly apply the powder.

In addition, I think it’d be a great idea to expand the shade range. Currently there’s only 3 shades; Fair Glow, Nude Glow and Golden Glow. It’s not as crucial for foundation powder to be the exact same shade as your skin (since it’s sole purpose is to set your foundation), but I’m not quite sure how the darkest shade available would fair on much darker skin.

Overall, I enjoyed the novelty of using paper on your skin to apply foundation powder! I recommend it to those with light skin and are just moderately oily throughout the day.

Score: 4/5

For more information or to purchase, head here.

Disclaimer: Mai Couture Foundation Powder Paper was provided to me by Mai Couture for review purposes only. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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