After being smitten with my first TONY MOLY product, I couldn’t resist the cute appeal again with their Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream. And being a busy bee with my schedule lately, my skin’s been feeling the heat and looking a touch more tired than I like it to be, so in nice timing, I was excited to finally find some time and try this out.

Design + Packaging: So what I consider now to be in-TONY MOLY-fashion, they’ve done it again to package their stuff in something that is quirky and full of adorableness. I mean, it’s pretty tempting to pick up something that looks like a crisp Granny Smith apple…but really isn’t. Size-wise, it could give real apples a run for their money, since it could totally blend into a basket of real ones.

Though to break the illusion, the top half of the apple can be twisted off to reveal the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream that lies inside. I also like that there’s an additional plastic cover to sort of ward off any unwanted dust or debris if the cap gets twisted off accidentally or something. Just a nice detail.

Scent: Fittingly, it smells like…green apples! And while I generally don’t have much of a taste or nose for green apple things, I really liked this one! It might be because the scent is pretty light and sort of takes on a milky scent as well being in this cream form. Definitely impressed.

Application: So on the actual product itself, the “leaf” is where the directions are. The bummer (well for non-Korean readers…) is that after peeling back the tab, it’s entirely in Korean (minus the product name parts, which seems a bit random). Thankfully, the Internet comes in handy for a clue as to how to start applying this. Though it’s not too bad to just guess with the “Massage” part of the product that you just apply it to clean skin and massage away for a bit.

So after cleansing my skin, I took a nice dollop amount that can satisfyingly cover my skin in light layer (almost as if you were putting on moisturizer). Then it says to rub and massage it around your face for a good minute or two, let it sit for about 30 seconds (or a while longer), and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Easy-peasy!

Results: So before rinsing, you’ll get this sensation of stuff (aka dead skin) collecting on your skin and fingertips…which apparently is the “Peeling” part of this whole thing. A bit gross to see at first, but I also feel like a percentage of it might just be the product rolling onto itself. Though after rinsing, I was super amazed to feel that my skin had become so soft! So I am convinced that the majority percentage of the product comes through to do some voodoo-magic on my skin and gently exfoliate it (like the most gentle exfoliation ever - since there’s no grit or anything in the cream…it’s just smooth cream).

Overall: With not knowing what to expect, I was extremely delighted at the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream. Making something like peeling off dead skin into such a pleasant experience, I definitely love how my skin feels after using it. Plus, it’s so easy! The cute factor of the packaging and yummy scent are also a bonus as well. And the tiny skepticism of its results is easily overlooked, since it makes my skin so soft afterwards that I’m sure some part of the peeling debris must actually be my skin.

I received my Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream here at KpopHeaven.

Score: 4.9/5

(Disclaimer: TONY MOLY’s Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream was provided to me for review purposes. This review is purely my opinion.)

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i would looooove to try this too (esp. after this review)!

wish i had more money Q__Q

girls really must have this! it’s awesome!

I’ve heard good stuff about this product:D

I really want this

great review i wanted to try this!

oh again such a adorable looking product! ah I’m so jealous for you, getting these :D haha <3
and I love how it sounds! it sounds so great! wish I could get this! :D

THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!!! I don’t have the best skin, and I feel like this would be a great product to have :D



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