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Today’s Daily Nail Art is this lightning design by justtryinyournail. More »

After being named as the new face of Gucci’s new scent Première, Blake Lively is fronting the campaign for the fragrance, starting with this picture. More »

Giving Mario Lopez the shock of his life, the peculiar product was the ReFa PRO Platinum Electric Roller! Sounding like some obscure experimental device, this baby is actually Japan’s hottest beauty device, with 1.2 million Japanese consumers behind it. It was able to make its US debut earlier this week on EXTRA, the American entertainment news program. More »

If you’re desiring the concept and look of airbrushed foundation, but don’t want to open your wallet for the hundreds of dollars it costs for the actual system, check out today’s Beauty Tip of the Day. Luckily, you don’t have to look any further than your makeup bag for the tools necessary to achieve that coveted, flawless finish effect. More »

After the great success she had with her Wonderstruck perfume last fall, singer Taylor Swift has come back with a second edition: Wonderstruck Enchanted! More »

In the prime of summer, one fruit comes to mind almost automatically when you want to feel refreshed, inside and out. With thanks to the watermelon – the superfruit whose countless health benefits is able to keep our bodies fit, skin youthful, and sweet tooth satisfied all season. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

I’ve been wanting to change up my hair to be a bit more bold so why not add in a fun little pop of color? Since the purple tint didn’t work out so well, I decided to venture off onto an actual dye, one that will make you Manic Panic, that is. Let’s try out Manic Panic Hair Dye in Atomic Turquoise shall we? More »

For the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s production of the famed opera Don Giovanni, NARS Cosmetics collaborated with the sisters of Rodarte to create all the stunning costume and beauty looks that were on the stage. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is this peppermint studded design by 10blankcanvases. More »

For the makeup brand that has for years stuck with their ‘cruelty-free’ label as a makeup brand, it looks like Urban Decay will have to ditch that title along with some of the other brands in the past (Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Yves Rocher, L’Occitane and Caudalie) to break into China. More »

Today’s Beauty Tip of the Day will help those of you that tend to get a facial flush, whether it’s from a post-workout or just from a touch too much time in the sun. Read on to find out how to minimize it ASAP. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

Tiny hearts, butterflies and even barbed wire are some popular choices for people with tattoos. While some people like big, extravagant tattoos, many others enjoy a delicate tattoo with either a special meaning or if it’s just aesthetically pleasing. However, no matter which tattoo you have, you’d be in quite a bit of trouble in Osaka, Japan if you’re a government employee. More »

Seeing how pretty Missha packaging seemed to be from trying out their M Luminous Lipstick Rouge in PK108, I decided to see if their sister line of lip glosses would turn out to be as favourable as the lipstick had been for me. So, prepare for a review of Missha’s M Luminous Color Lip Gloss in RD07. More »

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