Summer is right around the corner and many are already planning to hit the beach. If you’ve gotten a bit pale over the cold season, now’s the time to even out your tan and go get some color! Celebrities’ skin tones during this season look especially radiant and appealing. Here are 5 glowing celebrities that may make you want to get some color.

1. Sarah Hyland - This pretty girl from the popular sitcom Modern Family seems to have glowing, clear skin that isn’t too pale nor too dark. I think her skin color is the perfect balance of what makes skin radiant. Her darker hair also seems to help enhance her glow by creating a nice contrast.

2. Kim Kardashian - Although she gets a lot of attention for other things, I’m sure her tan is one of them! She recently posted a picture of herself with a fake spray-on tan, stating that “The tannerexic mom has some serious competition!” Although it may look a bit over done, I think her real normal tan seems to be quite lovely. It has a nice tone and just enough color.

3. Shay Mitchell - This beautiful brunette keeps her glowing tan pretty much year round. I envy her so much! Her fair complexion and nicely tanned skin makes her so gorgeous. All I get after a day in the sun is my mom asking me if I just came back from the middle of the earth.

4. Jessica Alba - She has a nice light golden tan that compliments her body, looking especially good at the beach! Her tan color makes her natural skin shine and creates an even sexier aura around her. It must be nice to look like Jessica Alba!

5. Jennifer Aniston - I think her tan is also great for the beach in a nice swimsuit. I personally think she looks like a professional beach volleyball player so I think her tan matches her look well! Her color makes her look good in pretty much everything.

Everyone wants that glowing sun-kissed skin, but remember that there is a difference between tanned skin and glowing skin, so do be careful and not overdo it. Keep your skin healthy!

This blog post is part of the 2012 Summer Hot List Special.