Last month, Justin Bieber released his new song Boyfriend and the teenage pop star is now hosting a contest for a reply to his ‘Boyfriend’ song, aka Girlfriend.

His second fragrance ‘Girlfriend’ will hit stores soon so to commemorate its release, Bieber would like his fans to sing ‘Boyfriend’ but change up the lyrics so it’s fitting of a ‘Girlfriend’. The grand prize? You will get to see him in the flesh.

He also left a video message for fans, promoting the contest. He said, “My new fragrance is called ‘Girlfriend’ and I wanted to do this whole idea where my fans will basically take my song ‘Boyfriend’ and make it into their own ‘Girlfriend’ version. Make your own version, rewrite it however you want to. I’ll pick the best one and fly that person out to one of my concerts and have a meet and greet and stuff. It’ll be fun, so make your own video right now. And I love you.

So get your swag on, Beliebers, since you’ll need as much as you can to get that chance to meet him. Follow the link to watch the video.

Does that make you interested?