With the desire to try something new and switch it up a bit, the It’s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Toner came at the right time. For the most part, I was looking for something that would be more hydrating for the upcoming chilly weather and something that I would be able to use everyday. Plus, I can’t help but be attracted to frosted and chic-looking packaging.

Description: Via the minimal English parts on the outer box packaging:

[It's Skin's] Hyaluronic acid line boosts skin’s moisture level, keeping balance including hyaluronic acid with skin care effect. It leaves deep moisture and gives clear skin tone for you. Works for all types of skin.

With something so science-y sounding as hyarulonic acid making up the main part of this toner, a bit of research found out that it an ingredient that is mainly used to provide hydration for the skin. Not to mention that, it also helps to repair skin cells and protect the skin from damage. All nice things that you can use for your skin.

Scent: A really clean perfume scent that is very chic in mood and a bit reminiscent of how general Asian cosmetics are.

Design: Packaged in a really sleek, frosted bottle, I have to say that I just love how it looks. (Even though it doesn’t affect the product itself, but, you know, the effort is nice. And it looks pretty and sophisticated among my other skincare stuff.) The rubber stopper cap is also appreciated to let only a bit of product out that you won’t ever accidentally overdose on saturating the cotton pad that you’re suppose to use to apply this.

Application: Using a cotton pad, it’s pretty straightforward to invert the bottle to gently distribute some of the toner on. While most of the tones that I’ve used have been pretty much water in texture, this one is slightly different. It’s the tiniest step heavier, almost like it has the inklings of a serum that it doesn’t flow out as quickly as you would expect. You might even need to give it a couple shakes to get it onto the cotton pad.

Applying it all around a clean face (and neck), it feels really soothing and nice. While some toners can be more alcohol-like, this one ends up really soothing and does a great job in making my skin post-cleansing feel extra clean but not at all dry. It actually seems to balance in some moisture to my skin so that it feels really nice and not tight or anything.

Overall: Very impressed with how this one worked out. From the design to the gentle and moisturizing formula, I can barely find any flaws. And being able to not go to any extremes in moisturizing, I would say that this toner would work for a variety of skin types. Those that don’t like scents just might have to stay away, since it is pretty perfume-y.

If interested, I found it here on eBay but it should be available at other It’s Skin retailers.

Score: 5/5

(Disclaimer: It’s Skin’s Hyaluronic Acid Toner was provided to me for review purposes. This review is purely my opinion.)

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I totally forgot about needing hydration during winter! Thanks for the reminder! 

yeah not a bad idea for winter comes around

I really like how this one sounds :D



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