There are all sorts of eyeliners out there, but I think have tried mostly all forms– minus the dot liner. In fact, I don’t even see those in stores (unless I was just totally oblivious). Liquid might be my enemy out of all of them, seeing as I tend to mess up my lines if my eye twitches or my hand just randomly spazzes. Yes, I clearly am not the best at eyeliner drawing. Let’s see if the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in 01 Black worked any wonders for me.

Description: I couldn’t read the Hangul on the box or the liner sooo… Found one in Engrish on, whoot!

Dot representation is natural product line that makes.
Trident is in the form of dot-liners Gives, by filling up the empty portion of
The result is complete, clear eyes.

Lay down under the eye lashes as close to seamlessly fill the points.
1. Create a natural eyes.
Trident are taken from the bottom up against the lashes.
Filling the empty space of the natural lashes with clear eyes that allows complete.
2. Create larger eyes.
Using a pen to draw eyelines and fills the space lines and eyelashes.
Easy to use even for beginners because of a trident shape a child to draw the line
clearly have no difficulty in eye make up.

Packaging: Cute as always, Holika Holika, with a purple metallic themed box featuring gold type. The top flap is sealed with a sticker bearing the product’s name and color, so I opened the box from the bottom instead of breaking the seal and possibly the box itself in the process. The eyeliner stick itself is black with decoration and words in gold (yes, it will rub off after some time), a little bit shorter than a typical pen for great portability. The cap comes off with a pull and snaps back on sturdily to keep the eyeliner from drying out. As for the three application tips (much like a fork or trident), it felt pretty flexible when I pressed it slightly and ran it across my hand.

Color: Black, need I say more?

Texture: Like a marker, pretty much. Smooth, and it really does fill in along the line rather nicely with no jagged ends or missing spots.

Swatch with the different kinds of lines:
Scent: None, I don’t think.

Lifespan: The only major con about the dot liner was the fact that it wasn’t… waterproof. Meaning, once rain starts trickling or pouring outside, save yo face! Get under some shelter, pronto! Your eyeliner will not be spared. I had no smearing problems throughout the day though. How to remove? Easy peasy, just use a makeup remover and it’ll come right off with semi-good rubbing.

Below: First, my eye with the dotted line structure and a bit of eyeshadow. Second, decked out in falsies and circle lense with thick eyeliner for the dramatic effect.

Concluding thoughts: Bold and striking, this is a great alternative for those who struggle with liquid eyeliners like I do and might be a bit wary of gel liner with the pot and brush. Be creative and use thin lines for everyday makeup routines or thick ones for a more dramatic effect. It really does give a crisp, enlarging look to the eyes. Now, if it were waterproof…

Purchasing options: Holika Holika, various Asian beauty boutiques, online, etc.

Score: 3.9/5 (points docked mostly for lack of waterproofness)

Disclaimer: The Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in 01 Black was provided to me for reviewing purposes only. The opinions in this review are 100% my own, thanks for reading!

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