The It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Emulsion is the follow-up product to the recently reviewed It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Serum. Typically in Korean skincare systems, the emulsion product/step comes after serum as its slightly heavier on the skin. If the emulsion is classified as a moisturizing emulsifier, you can actually use the emulsion in lieu of moisturizer. Unfortunately, It’s Skin doesn’t really specify what kind of emulsion the emulsion is in the AC Clinical Solution system. However, in my experience with Korean skincare, I’ve been able to use emulsion instead of moisturizer without problems. Using It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Emulsion was no different.


As with most It’s Skin products, the amount of decently translated Korean-to-English product descriptions are lacking. Here’s the best I found:

“It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Emulsion ~ Particularly suitable for acne , sensitive and rough skin. Containing multiple anti-acne formula, gentle and deep into the underlying skin to clear acne, smooth and delicate skin, softening and scrub away the old dead skin cells caused by blocked pores, improve acne and reducing pores.”

Although the description is vague, the most sense I could make out of it was that as an emulsion, it’s formulated to gently clear and make skin smooth. It’s also supposed to reduce pore size.


You get about 40ml in a glass bottle that’s about 6 or 7 inches long. The design is pretty much the same as the serum. The only difference is that the bottle is taller. As with most emulsions, there is no pump. You have to basically beat the tip of the bottle against your palm for it to dispense:

No problems here aside from the usual complaint of emulsion bottles not having a pump.


Milky white but goes on clear.


The texture is in between a light cream and a serum. When applied, you can barely feel it.


You know that lavender and eucalyptus smell you come across at spas? This serum smells like a spa. The scent is pretty light and fades quickly after applying the serum.


After using this for over two weeks as the final step of in my skin care, I’m happy to report that the results have been pretty decent. I’ve experienced no breakouts and its helped maintain a good balance of moisture in my skin so that I’m not too oily or too dry. I especially love it after I take a shower — my skin tends to get dry really quick after a shower and the It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Emulsion just makes things right again. The only complaint that I have is that I wish it was dispensed by a pump rather than doing a ketchup bottle motion against my palm.

Score: 4/5

Availability: It’s Skin if you’re in Asia. If not, you can get it off eBay for about $25 (shipping and handling fees not included).

Disclaimer: It’s Skin AC Clinical Solution Emulsion was provided to me for review purposes only. The opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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Sounds pretty good! Heard quite a few good things about Its Skin recently



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