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Here’s some good news for fans of celebrity fragrances: Katy Perry will be launching her second scent this November, and she’s teasing the heck out of everybody with constant tweets about the mysterious new fragrance. More »

Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium fragrance line revealed not only their new face, Emily Blunt, but a teaser for her campaign as well! More »

Thinking Versace, I tend to get this very femininely classy image in my mind. Getting the chance to try out something from their fragrance line, the Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette looked to fit the image well. Let’s see if the scent lives up to their pretty brand name. More »

Well, it’s not a real perfume, but Red Flag by Chanel made an appearance on a recent Saturday Night Live sketch. More »

When Burberry announced they’d be giving out free samples of Burberry Body not long ago, I was all over it. And so within three weeks, I received a super small package from London bearing a vial of the fragrance. More »

Sometimes I feel like you can never have enough perfumes in your collection. Different scents fit for different occasions and it also provides that perfect finishing touch to your outfit and that specific type of allure you want to present for the day…or night. Being one who is partial to floral scents, Flower by Kenzo jumped out at me to try. More »

When I hear the name Calvin Klein, I usually think of something very classically stylish, with more of an emphasis on doing what works very well. Though that doesn’t mean that it’s boring, since they’ve also been able to show that they can make that effortlessly chic look appeal to a variety of ages. Because of this, I was intrigued to see if their fragrances lived up to the same type of impression. The gorgeous plum-wine color of Euphoria by Calvin Klein reeled me in from its looks, so I figured it would be a good choice to try. More »

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Beyonce’s new fragrance, Pulse. The singer has worked long and hard for the fragrance’s campaign, but it looks like the work has paid off after knowing how successful the launch party was in New York last night. More »

Literally. It’s been frowned upon to be caught smoking marijuana, but wearing it is a-okay! More »

With the Ring My Bella fragrance, one look at the bottle and you can tell that it’s definitely aimed for those that want something girly and floral, yet there’s a hint of seduction that keeps things fun. I couldn’t wait to try out this new addition to the Benefit fragrance collection. More »

After a year of working on her fragrance, burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese is finally revealing details about it. Set to start selling in Europe this October, the eagerly awaited Dita Von Teese eau de parfum will arrive on US shelves in 2012. More »

In October, Thierry Mugler will be releasing new, “flavored” versions of its already popular scents in a special series called Taste of Fragrance, which will go for $90 each. More »

With my never ending love for all scents cleanly, I was happy to come across the CLEAN Shower Fresh Rollerball. More »

I think I’m seriously starting to care about wearing perfume more often now to smell pretty, legasp. And it’s all thanks to the few reviews I’ve done on awesome fragrances so far! Well, this time, I am proud to present to you a review on the LaVanila Laboratories Vanilla Grapefruit Rollerball. Beforehand, I had never heard of this brand, so I thought it would be nice to try out. More »

On the 16th of September, Marc Jacobs closed his Soho boutique and invited beauty editors to a cosy evening with Dakota Fanning, who happens to be the face of his new fragrance, Oh, Lola! The 17-year-old actress wowed everyone with her charm, chic fashion sense and outspoken tales. More »



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