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The recent New York Fashion Week produced a lot of amazing beauty trends for this upcoming season. This list features the best ones we saw. More »

Summer is coming to an end and Fall will be here soon. Check out these 5 hairstyles and tutorials that will help match with your Fall outfits! More »

As was seen on Richard Chai’s runway last February, Charlotte Free (American model) made an appearance in her bright pink hair, which was actually quite well-received by the public. The bright colour trend continued through summer. Snooki was seen with pink and blonde hair. Lauren Conrad (fashion icon) has rainbow hair. Gwen Stefani’s 5 year old son has a blue mohawk (aww). Kate Bosworth has jazzed up her blond hair with green ends. The list goes on and on really. More »

A quick solution for those with a slightly dry, itchy, or flaky scalp will find today’s Beauty Tip of the Day useful. More »

Only a few weeks after Vanessa Hudgens went and got her short bob cut, she’s gone back to having long hair-with the help of some extensions of course. Of course, having long beachy waves for most of your life and then suddenly having short hair that doesn’t really reach your shoulders can be quite a dramatic change. I, myself, would be horrified at first. So, it’s quite understandable how she wants to go back and forth. More »

One fear most of us have is when we are cutting our hair and it looks awful, the many months of having to grow it out and re-style it, even worse if we shave our heads or hair starts falling out! A woman in Florida has lately become one of the many girls who has a shaved head, however it wasn’t by choice… in fact she only found out when she woke up More »

A quick and easy Beauty Tip of the Day for you to do after you get out of the shower with wet hair that could use an effortless boost of natural volume when it dries. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

Some of you may admire Alexa Chung for her stylish and eye-catching ombre hair and consider her to be your “hair muse.” Turns out, the 27-year-old model looked up to rock legends, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, of The Rolling Stones, for her hair inspiration! It seems like Chung could could pull off any hairstyle so her choice of hair muses aren’t going to damage her one bit. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

With dye-ing hair comes some degree of hair damage, whether one would like to think about it or not. I have used Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy Foam which turned out to work fabulously, but then there is a degree of drying out and dulling the hair, whether if only a little or a lot. The Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor- Shine Happy Clear Shine Treatment 00 (pardon the long name) does not give you a different hair color, but the results are supposed to improve the shine and brightness of your hair after use! More »

Missoni’s 400-piece collection that will go sale on Target on September 13 has caught the attention and eyes of many consumers. And rightly so as there will be 400 (!) different items in the collection. The collection will range from fun, colorful accessories to beautiful make-up colors and bags that will contain the brand’s signature zigzag pattern. And for starters, its Missoni for Target bobby pins will cost you only $7 for a pack of 24. Interested? More »

Katy Perry has been tinkering with the color of her hair these past few months and at the 2011 VMAs, she debuted a new shade that has been her goal these past few months. More »

Did you ever wish of getting lighter hair? You know, without bleaching it? But you didn’t want to spend too much money? Well, here’s how you can make your own organic hair-lightening spray for cheap! More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »



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