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Singer Rihanna has been known for her unique hairstyles, ranging from a bob, mohawk, half-shaved pompadour, and wigs, just to name a few. But amidst her hair changes, it costs a lot just to style it and keep it looking pretty. A lot of money. More »

Summer may not be over yet, but it’s time to start thinking of what to wear for your hair as fall is falling upon us. The turning of the seasons means something new and great as fall is the place to have all your different hairstyles. More »

Kosher Kurls is actually for your hair and it does amazing things to your curls! The creator of this hair conditioner, Davida Aprons, created it for all of you ladies who have waves and curls and just don’t know what to do. More »

It seems like Kate Bosworth is channeling a bit of Lauren Conrad in her. The actress was seen with her hairtips dip-dyed blue instead of individual streaks of blue in her hair. More »

Sarah Palin has something that she can brag about: her hometown hair salon, The Beehive, is slated to receive its own reality TV show on TLC. Currently, it’s dubbed Big Hair Alaska. It is said that the show is inspired by Sarah Palin’s Alaska and her looks. More »

Actress Jessica Alba wowed those present at the LA Premiere of Sky Kids: All the Time in the World 4D. Not only did she look stunning and gorgeous in a black halter maxi dress adorned with glittery jewels, but she also wore a beehive hairdo that reminded those present of the hairstyles from the 1960s. The hairdo was given a modernized look, but she left some bangs running and swept to the side and completed her look with neutral lip gloss and thick liquid mascara. More »

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-For those who love The Body Shop products, this is your lucky day! Well, all the way through August 7th. You can choose any 3 of all body care, bath and hair products: body scrubs, body butters, soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. and then get 2 free. Or, you can also buy 2 get 1 free. Your choice! More »

Today’s Beauty Tip of the Day is just something to make sure you don’t do the next time you go to get a haircut. More »

Emma Watson’s new cut is what we would call a “pixie” hairstyle. Recently, we would see Emma in this haircut appearing on the international premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in London and New York. According to her stylist, Rodney Cutler, this pixie look can go both ways: sexy AND mature! More »

Is it really ok to touch someones hair without permission, or even with permission? Well CNN has explored the question in a report on natural hair. Keneesha Hudson speaks her mind on natural hair for her. More »

When I first saw Alexa Chung, Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson and the Olsen Twins rock the ‘messy yet well-groomed’ hair look, I was instantly sold. After all, those 5 women make up my part of my top style icons list. Those 5 women also have indispensible incomes that allow them to easily pay stylists to make their hair perfectly unperfect. Beach hair, if you will. Without an indispensible income, I was delighted to find that Bumble and bumble launched Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Creme, a hair texturizing product aimed to help recreate that look I so covet. More »

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-Ulta Beauty is having a special promotion for their online store, where you can save 20% off an entire purchase. All sorts of beauty products await you, and to save, use code 16653 at checkout! July 31st will be the last day. More »

Whenever you see Lady Gaga with outrageous hairstyles, have you ever wondered how much damage her follicles endure? She is a natural brunette, and we’ve definitely seen her experiment with a variety of colors (some wigs, some not). Lady Gaga has talked about how dying her hair has caused some hair loss and serious chemical damage. Rogaine is used to stimulate hair growth and to slow balding, and she is hoping that it can repair some of the harm. More »

Ever since High School Musical, Vaness Hudgens had always been known for her long, black, wavy hair. Recently, as seen on Access Hollywood Live, Vanessa revealed her new short hair cut. She commented that she “felt like a soccer mom”. More »

Do you detest having to put your boring hairbands on your wrist every single time a heat wave rolls around? I know I do. If you’re like me, then you’ll be happy to know about Black Ties, inspired by the awful idea of having to wear your hairband on your wrist. More »



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