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Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

We all can’t be Victoria’s Secret models, but with today’s Beauty Tip of the Day, we can at least use their runway trick to achieve something close to their gorgeous legs. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the Too Faced Supersize Lip Injection! Oh goodness, the name sounds kinda scary, like you’re getting a injection into your lips to make them “super sized…” Sounds interesting, though! More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

Lately, I’ve been more interested in finding out what lip colour would be the perfect fit for me, so when I heard about Missha’s Signature Glam Art Rouge 5-Color Lip Palette No.1, I thought, hey why not get this and experiment with 5 different colours? More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the TONY MOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar! Bunnies are my favorite animal, so I just had to say something about this product. Why are they sooooo cute?! More »

For those moments that you decide to break out a more noticeable lip color, today’s Beauty Tip of the Day will help you make sure it lasts. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert! More »

To look a little more natural, even if you’re wearing foundation, try out today’s Beauty Tip of the Day. More »

I’m always once for being against having smudged makeup. The easiest way to avoid having smudged makeup you may ask? Getting waterproof makeup. When I received the chance to try out MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes: Eyeliner in Matte Black, I was definitely pleased to find out that it was a waterproof eyeliner. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the TONY MOLY Fruit Princess Gloss- Apple! The packaging has got to be one of the most creative and cute ones I’ve seen yet. The container is like a toy doll that functions as a holder for the lip gloss. More »

Love your French sweets? Then MOR has something yummy for you! Inspired by macarons, the cosmetic brand has revealed its Lip Macarons, which are smooth and moisturizing and come with these delightful flavors: French vanilla, peach, blood orange, amongst others. It’s just slightly larger than a real edible macaron, but make sure that you don’t mistake this for a real one and try to gobble it down! More »

Maybe it’s just my new-found obsession with attempting to get doll-like lashes without the need of false lashes. I’m very pleased to say that Lancome’s Hynose Drama mascara is quite a contender in that following category. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil! Usually, lip gloss means that it is liquid, or at least something that isn’t exactly solid. This lip pencil is, however, “a glossy lip pencil with a smooth, buttery texture.” More »

Sometimes, you’re just looking for that nice eye shadow that will leave you looking bright-eyed instead of looking like a zombie. And just sometimes, you can’t find that shade you’re looking for. Luckily enough for you, Dolce & Gabanna has come out with a new eye color duo in Cinnamon for $36 that will you appreciate! More »



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