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I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss. I like the concept, but usually the lip glosses that I end up trying are either way too sticky or the color is weird. However, there is one lip gloss that has made its way into my purse and I find myself pulling it out constantly throughout the day: TRUE Cosmetics Sheer Lip Shine. More »

When you go to a salon to get your nails done, chances are that the nail technician has a whole bunch of little bottles that she’ll use during your manicure, but what are they? If you go to the drugstore, you’ll find tons of bottles of clear polish — some marked base coat and some marked top coat. But what’s the difference? More »

Aren’t sisters just the best sometimes? My younger sister has a knack for finding pretty awesome eyeliners, and she let me try out her newest find this past weekend. We were having a big family cookout, which meant being outside in the humidity all afternoon. She told me to use Tarte’s EmphasEYES liner so that my liner didn’t smudge, and she was right! It stayed all day. More »

When you read a lot about beauty like I do, you begin to realize that people generally fall under one of two splurge categories: salon manicures or nail polish purchases. I’ve rarely come across a woman who doesn’t love the idea of getting her nails done, but some of those women prefer to build their home collections rather than pick from a salon’s colors. More »

It’s rare that I purchase a nail polish, but I’ve been feeling a little bit blah lately. It is so incredibly hot outside, and my finger and toe nails have suffered greatly from the humidity. I really needed a little pick-me-up, so I was thrilled to find Caliente Coral, an awesome bright orange shade of polish from the Sephora by OPI collection. More »

This is just too weird. Apparently some people use Monistat as a cheaper alternative to face primer. I find the concept a little strange but when you think about it, Monistat is really just another lotion designed for irritated skin — why shouldn’t it be used on your face? More »

We really love us some LUSH here at FlauntMe. I’ve depended on the brand for years now for skincare, and their bath products really are the best. I decided to try a new product this week to try to combat a common summer problem: disgusting feet. After I commute on the subway every day, my poor toes are pretty gross because of the heat. T for Toes is a powder that you sprinkle in your shoes and on your feet to try to keep any bad odors under control. More »

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m really looking forward to the Eat, Pray, Love movie that’s opening in theaters this summer. I can’t wait to go see it with my mom — we both read the book and loved it! A whole slew of product endorsements have been announced, including this one with cosmetics company Fresh. More »

Last night, I used a hair removal cream for the first time ever. I have always been a traditional razor and shaving cream kind of girl, but I decided to try something new since my skin has been really irritated by shaving recently. I tried out Veet’s Spray On Hair Removal Cream, and I was pleasantly surprised at how I liked it. More »

Today Sephora wrote on their blog about a special deal of a free gift with the purchase of Jean Paul Gaultier’s LE MALE fragrance. Free gift with purchase is pretty standard in the cosmetics world, but I’ve never seen a gift like this before — a USB scent stick? More »

I saw a post about this website today on BellaSugar, and I had to check it out. Two former editors of the now defunct ELLEgirl magazine (RIP — I loved that mag because they were the first teen mag to feature international street fashion in every issue!) started Before You Were Hot, a blog that showcases those awkward, ugly pictures of our adolescent years that we wish would disappear. More »

Summer is just getting heated up, but already the fashion world is focused on fall. I can’t bring myself to think about buying wool dresses and tights just yet (especially when it is approximately 300 degrees in my apartment every day), but I can manage thinking about a cool new fall nail color. Meet Paradoxal, the mystic purple color from CHANEL that is sure to be all over your nails this fall. More »

This week, I had the chance to sit down with Hibba Kipal, a fantastic hair removal specialist with an organic salon, Hibba NYC, in SoHo. She learned the art of threading as a young girl in India, and now she offers sugaring and waxing as well. With bathing suit and short season upon us, it can become a pain to keep up with hair removal. If you are thinking of trying salon hair removal but you are nervous about the process, read on for Hibba’s tips! More »

Have you ever seen someone with really obviously colored contact lenses? They always sort of freak me out a little bit. I knew people in high school who wore them and thought that nobody could tell, but when your eyes are lime green, it’s sort of a no-brainer. Dior has decided to try their hand at creating lenses for fashionistas, and I have to say… I don’t get it? More »

I love traveling, but these days it can be more of a pain than anything. Airlines are inconsistent on service, making us pay for every piece of luggage we bring with us, and not letting us bring liquids. This creates a problem for those of us who like to look fabulous while we travel — hotel shampoo just doesn’t cut it! I’m interested in this new site that may solve my travel woes — Suite Arrival. More »

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