The much-loved, eclectic, quirky beauty retailer known as Ricky’s NYC will be expanding across the US after being limited to NYC’s metro area. The retailer is looking to build upon the 27 stores it already has by adding stores in Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the Naris Up Lip Care Essence! The word “essence” sounds so lovely and fairy-like to me for some reason… The cuteness of the packaging had me at first glance, with cursive lettering and a bow printed on it. More »

I am not a big fan of Astronomy but if you are, you’re in luck. In one of Cutepolish’s previous video tutorials that I happened to stumble upon, demonstrates the simplicity and unique-ness of her galaxy inspired nail art. More »

Blonde beauties Imogen Poots and Camille Rowe lent their beauty for Chloe’s latest fragrance ad and they share with us their thoughts and love for the perfume and the shoot. More »

It seems like brow pens will be making an impact on your fall 2011 makeup as strong, clean, and full brows are back in the trend. These 5 brow pens featured below will help you make your brows looking very pretty. More »

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September will mark the release of Lancôme’s Visionnaire LR2412 Advanced Skin Corrector. This serum seems to be the serum of all serums as it claims to dramatically improve the appearance of wrinkles, pores AND texture. It contains LR 2412, a new molecule that was in development for 12 years and has 20 international patents protecting it. LR 2412 was inspired by jasmonic acid, a corrective ingredient found in plants. This very small molecule has the ability to kick-start a series of micro-transformations that result in a smoother skin texture, tightened pores and a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. More »

One of fashion’s most iconic and fashionable, well, icons, was born 128 years ago. That would be Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and to pay her homage for her birthday, Chanel has updated the look of her last fragrance, Chanel N°19. Jacques Polge has decided to give the original iris color a softer and muskier powder look and the ending result is quite fabulous. Wearers will feel contemporary, yet classic at the same time. What a nice birthday gift. More »

With school so close, why not return school with a POW! And the perfect way to go, is to spice up your hairstyles. More »

Today’s nail art is really cute and simple, it reminds me of Minnie Mouse! It’s more for longer nails, but I’m sure you can do it with short nails too! More »

After sitting in the place in my closet were neglected nail polish goes to die, I finally decided I would save my Anna Sui Nail Color A in 471 from neglect. Now, I kind of regret not using it earlier. It’s almost everything I want out of a nail polish. More »

With summer almost gone, most of us are probably still trying to cling onto the summer because we don’t want to let it go. Luckily for us, DuWop comes to the rescue with its newest lip glosses, Caribbean IcedTeas lip gloss. A jelly-like lip gloss, the lip gloss contains some nice pretty colors and jojoba oil and aloe that will keep your lips moisturized. Not only that, but its flavors Mint Mojito, Butter Rum, and Ruby Grapefruit will certainly keep you in your summer mode. More »

You know how some lipstick colors don’t always transfer exactly as you see them in the tube? Today’s Beauty Tip of the Day will help with that dilemma. More »

Chanel seems to always be setting the trend when it comes to nail polish colors and it’s no different this time around as it plans to debut its Les Jeans De Chanel nail polish collection that will conveniently be centered around a denim-themed color. Denim being blue. More »

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