MAC invites their favorite Beauty Bloggers to their lab to custom create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass. Check here for the nine online exclusives. They are officially listed on the MAC website and priced at $14.50! Unfortunately, these will only be shipped to North America, and they are only available until August 2. Everyone in the United States and Canada, act fast! More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features a cute Ice Cream Lip Balm Assortment! They resemble tiny versions of the real ice cream flavors and tubs, but they do not melt. A nice treat for anytime, anywhere, in any season. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is this primary colored numbered nail art being rocked by miss M.I.A. From 0 to 9 you can make sure you have all your fingers in tact. After applying yellow as a base color, use red and blue in stripes to make geometric numbers switching off each color with each stroke. More »

Here are today’s Sale Alerts!

-Crabtree & Evelyn is offering 75% off Naturals and Aromatherapy Distillations skin care products, now through July 24th. More »

Lip gloss is one of my favorite beauty items, as it normally isn’t too flashy or heavy on the makeup scale. The shiny moisturizing effect is what I like! The color of the Lancome Juicy Tubes’s Moulin Rose looked so pretty in pictures, so I was ecstatic when I held the actual thing in my hands. More »

Lauren Conrad has tried ombré highlights, and she recently got colorful tips so it’s no surprise that she tested these trends on her nails as well. At an HTC Status event, people noticed Lauren’s fun ombré nail polish technique that complemented her baby blue streaks. It’s very simple to recreate, and you can always use different colors. Just paint with five different shades of the same color, or paint with a dark color and then mix a drop of white in a small container after each successive finger. More »

I have insanely thin lashes and to make matters worse, they always point down and tend to lose their curl easily. They also tend to lose their curl if you apply too many layers of mascara on. Frustrating right? I’ve been on the lookout for a good mascara for some time and when I saw the Fusion Beauty Lash Fusion XL Micro-Technology Instant Lash Volumizer, I thought it’d be worth a try. More »

Meant to help you achieve those beachy waves that become so popular in the warmer weather and just scream summer, Frederic Fekkai’s Marine Summer Hair Beach Waves is marketed as just that. All in one convenient orange-mango spray bottle that you can’t help but want to pick up. More »

Michelle Phan has been doing a lot of Disney princess tutorials lately and her latest one is one on Rapunzel! This tutorial is a little different because it’s not actually Michelle putting the make up on herself, but rather on her friend Krista, who also shows you how to do a french braid to match Rapunzel’s hair. There isn’t really a lot of make up to Rapunzel as she has more of a natural look, so it is actually really simple to re-create. Check it out below! More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss features the stila Lip Glaze trio- Cool! What’s so great is that this is package of three lip gloss shades. If you love them all, yay! If not, give the ones you don’t like away and I’m sure a friend would love a freebie. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is this Cookie Monster design by Tracy Miller. I have to say that this looks like a really fun design and not too difficult to pull off, Cookie Monster’s mouth would probably be the most difficult but the rest just consists of different sized dots in white, brown, and black over a blue base. More »

Today’s Daily ‘Do features an elegant braided summer hairstyle! Summer’s been here for quite a while now in the Western Hemisphere, although it didn’t really heat up here until July really, and I’ve been having to tie my hair back quite a bit. Since I really love braids, I was ecstatic that bubzbeauty decided to show us a tutorial on how to get an elegant braided summer hairstyle! More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert!

-”Kinerase skin care is the solution for those who suffer from aging, sun-damaged, or acne-prone skin, yet desire soft, supple skin that is free of irritation.” Well there you have it. SkinCareRX is helping you and your skin out in saving 25% off this brand by offering coupon code KINSALE25! For example, the Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser (original price $33.00) is an eligible product. The ending date for this code is unknown. More »

Once upon a time, when I had a more stressful job and a fatter paycheck, I was a religious user of Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oils. Eventually after quitting that job, I also had to quit my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil habit. Since then I’d never been able to find a cheaper substitute…until now. Say hello to Missha’s Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil. If you still can’t get over the fact that I spent a lot of money just to put oil on my face to clean it, don’t worry. Oils as facial cleansers isn’t something easy to grasp right away, but I’ll make it quick and painless. More »

Britney Spears has a new fragrance out called cosmic radiance with an ad to go along as well! The new fragrance, which is the latest addition to her other celebrity fragrances is set in come out in August. More »


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