Summer is a hot but to cool you off this season, you will also need a contrasting cooling factor. Perhaps a wet look will do you well? MakeupGeekTV, will demonstrate an easy makeup routine that really does not take more than 5 minutes of application and looks simply gorgeous! More »

Want a way to beat the heat? With these new Japanese Cooling Sprays, you can do just that! They can apparently get your skin down to -9 degrees Celsius and help you beat the heat, even if it’s just that little while. Although there has been no news as to whether they are comfortable to wear, who really wants to bring around a spray can with them everywhere they go? Unless, of course the Japanese summers are really that hot and they need to resort to this technique. More »

Here is today’s Sale Alert!

-Jurlique is holdig a “Disco Sale”, where you can save 50% off their skin care products that are going to be discontinued as new ones come in! You can browse here and then enter code DISCO at checkout. For instance, the featured product is a Nurturing Mask, priced at $49.00 but will be marked down to $24.50 after savings. While supplies last. More »

S.T Dupont created a revolution back in 1973 when they released the world’s first ever luxury ball point pen and now they’re back again, with Karl Lagerfeld. More »

Prada is taking more of a youthful appearance with their latest scent Prada Candy. If you’re wondering what this smells like, it is a “cocktail of musk notes which envelops the other two major components: Laotian benzoin — usually used in concentrations of about 3 percent, it is a 12 percent concentration in this juice — and caramel.” More »

The idea of chewable toothpaste sounds really strange, slightly futuristic, but sort of intriguing. Thanks to Lush, the idea has become a reality with their latest product, “Toothy Tabs.” More »

Today’s Daily Lip Gloss isn’t really “gloss”, but is wonderful lip wear I’d like the share with you. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer- Champagne is one of my all-time favorite lip color choices, not quite like lipstick, but fancier than a normal lip balm. More »

Today’s Daily Do features Chic Arabian Braids. I have always liked how people seem to have braids that look really chic, but casual at the same time! Plus, with this hairstyle, you can go to school and get tons of compliments with it! I came across this video from LetsMakeItUp1 on YouTube that shows you how to do two very simple, yet very chic braiding hairstyles! The first one however, would require you to have longer hair, but the second one can be done with short hair! More »

Turquoise takes its moment in the spotlight for today’s Trend Report. The light blue and green-mixed color is pretty on its own, but it seems as though designers on the runway have also been smitten by it. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is a golden half moon design with a leopard printed accent nail by s-laquer. I’ve noticed that half moons have been getting more popular recently, probably since its really simple to do and can add a unique flair to a standard manicure. More »

As it turns out, Taylor Swift, the popular and polished singer, did not always have stick-straight or super curly strands. This surprising childhood photo of the country songstress with her hair in cornrows recently emerged. I wouldn’t say it’s one of her most favorable hairstyles, but don’t we all have embarrassing photos that we hide? Do you think this photo of Taylor Swift will help bring cornrows back “in?” More »

Take a look at today’s Sale Alert! More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is inspired by the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. This design uses red, black, and white, gold beading, and a nail charm with a clock. I’m not exactly sure what the little cards are made of but it appears that they are a type of clay material. An easy way to achieve the same look is to actually print and cut little tiny cards with your household printer! After you have the background design for the nails, apply a little bit of clear polish to the area where you want to place it and carefully press it into place. It works best if you put them in a lighter background since the paper is a bit thin and dark colors might show through. More »

In the midst of this girl complaining about why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, sane enough, right? Her ranting gets more and more intense until she’s actually “showing” all the changes she’ll do and asking the boys if they like her now. But the motto of this video is…NEVER apply your makeup like this. More »

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Coach or its famed logo handbags. Luckily, Coach has something that I don’t mind wearing — perfume. Coach’s Poppy Perfume to be exact. The scent is described as a, “sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia blend with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals in a pretty, lighthearted fragrance.” Nothing says summer like jasmine, gardenia, cucumber and roses. The current season in the Western hemisphere being summer, I figured…why not? More »


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