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There are so many ways to wear your hair in summer, including one of this year’s trends, braids. It gets extremely humid in summer, and your hair plays a huge role when it comes to warmth. To keep you cool, here are some hairstyles suitable for summer, as well as spring: More »

Giving her signature up’do a change, Scarlett Johansson joins the braids and jazzes it up. She sports the beautiful dutch braid for The Avengers premiere in London. More »

There are very few quick fixes in life, and even fewer when it comes to our hair - which is prone to breakage. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get your hair looking and feeling great. More »

Today’s Daily Nail Art is this braided design by freestylenails. Pick out your 3 favorite colors and lets get started. More »

Braiding can be difficult when you learn it online although when you learn it with SecretLifeOfaBioNerd, it is a different story. More »

Loving the whole Bohemian trend? Why not try out this cute boho braid by Youtube user, LetsMakeitUp1. This hairstyle takes practically no time at all, which is great when you’re on the go. It is versatile without being to overwhelming for that casual look. More »

The dazzling itsjudytime is back again with another cute holiday (or anything) look that you can easily recreate. More »

Need the perfect hair for a classy Christmas party? Well beauty guru Michelle Phan (michellephan) and Daven (davenmayeda) are here to help you out! This is a really easy tutorial on how to get an elegant side braided bun with a flair of curls on the side. For people who may have trouble getting all their hair on one side, just secure it with a lot of bobby pins.

Oh and don’t you just love how these two are so playful and happy around each other?

See the tutorial here!

From Girlybubble: What exactly defines beauty? People can be very wrong if they say that neatly straightened or curled hairstyles look the best. With this list I’m going to show you really beautiful hair, the messy style. More »

If you’re a big fan of braids (I am - they’re my lazy hairstyle when I don’t want to dry my hair), then this is probably something for you. Tired of the bland simple braids to the side? Then you should check out these hairstyles that look simple enough! More »

Today’s Daily ‘Do features an elegant braided summer hairstyle! Summer’s been here for quite a while now in the Western Hemisphere, although it didn’t really heat up here until July really, and I’ve been having to tie my hair back quite a bit. Since I really love braids, I was ecstatic that bubzbeauty decided to show us a tutorial on how to get an elegant braided summer hairstyle! More »

Looking for a classical bohemian look? Waterfall braids can be quite confusing when you first begin however it gets really easy after you get the hang of it. More »

Whether you have thick hair, thin hair, short, or long hair, headband braids will make you look fashionable and uber-trendy like these fellow celebrities. Here are 5 different ways to wear headband braids to get you into some style. More »

Are you having a bad hair day? If it’s messy or even just “skanky” according to SuperBeautyNerd, you might want to try this braided bun tutorial out. A simple braid can fix all that and even add a touch of elegance to your hair. And guess what’s even better than that? That’s right, a lovely bun to go with it! Buns are always oh-so fun so check out how to achieve the pretty hairstyle below! (Note: Click “Watch on Youtube”) More »

Ready for a new hair style? I know I am. But what new styles can we try to do without making fools of ourselves? Not to worry, I pulled a few simple styles, slightly non-traditional looks off the runway for us. More »

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