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There are so many ways to wear your hair in summer, including one of this year’s trends, braids. It gets extremely humid in summer, and your hair plays a huge role when it comes to warmth. To keep you cool, here are some hairstyles suitable for summer, as well as spring: More »

Recently, YouTube user bubzbeauty, also known as Bubz, has uploaded a how-to tutorial for beautiful chocolate mint eyes. Since Spring is now upon us, this is definitely the perfect look for a cool and natural everyday look! More »

YouTube user bubzbeauty, also known as Bubz, has wowed us once again with one of her tutorials! She has uploaded a video that shows you how to get the perfect flirty spring look! More »

It seems as though Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a cute hairstyle to go with the season? YouTube user bubzbeauty, better known as Bubz, has made a quick and easy tutorial so people can try the look out. It is very elegant and girly, yet still fun and great for Spring (or Summer). More »

For those mornings when you want to do something cute with your hair but don’t want to sport a regular ol’ bun, why not freshen up the look with knots instead? With beauty guru bubzbeauty, she’s here to share her super adorable (and extremely quick) knotted side bun that is perfect for an everyday school look. More »

Food on nails are perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who do like these designs, bubzbeauty, has recently uploaded her latest nail art tutorial, showcasing some delicious apples! More »

YouTube user bubzbeauty, also know as Bubz, has stunned us all with her ideas once again! She has found a way to put deep waves in your hair without the use of any heat or tools other that hair ties. How does she do it you ask? Well, just watch the tutorial below and find out! More »

YouTube user bubzbeauty, also know as Bubz, is well know for her hair tutorials, makeup tips, and much more involving beauty and care. She has released another skincare and beauty video, but this time she covered more on the subject. More »

Do you need to dress up your hairstyle to give it some personality for a casual or formal event? The latest look from bubzbeauty, will just do that where she evolves two sophisticated looks from a simple and basic braid! More »

Hate feeling and looking sick, especially if you need to go to work or school? Well lucky for you guys as bubzbeauty has made a “sick friendly” makeup tutorial to cover up those red noses, dark, puffy eyes and dried, pale skin, making you look healthier and refreshed. More »

From Girlybubble: Asian beauty specialist youtuber, Bubzbeauty just released Bubbi Brushes for sale and to giveaway! More »

Summer is coming to an end and Fall will be here soon. Check out these 5 hairstyles and tutorials that will help match with your Fall outfits! More »

HyunA’s recent solo come back has been sending shock waves all throughout the music industry and fans have responded much alike. Let it be her gorgeous summer concept, body, attire or make-up, fan girls like me are getting envious for her absolute perfection. More »

Today’s Daily ‘Do features an elegant braided summer hairstyle! Summer’s been here for quite a while now in the Western Hemisphere, although it didn’t really heat up here until July really, and I’ve been having to tie my hair back quite a bit. Since I really love braids, I was ecstatic that bubzbeauty decided to show us a tutorial on how to get an elegant braided summer hairstyle! More »

Do you have small lips and want to experience the comfort of having bigger, fuller, luscious lips? Well you’re in luck because beauty guru, bubzbeauty, her own personal tips and tricks to help achieve those plump and luscious lips! More »

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