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For those mornings when you want to do something cute with your hair but don’t want to sport a regular ol’ bun, why not freshen up the look with knots instead? With beauty guru bubzbeauty, she’s here to share her super adorable (and extremely quick) knotted side bun that is perfect for an everyday school look. More »

Everyone knows that it is a necessity to look good - even if it is once in a while. More »

Who ever thought by incorporating two completely different hairstyles, it can produce an even more glamorous hairstyle? More »

Elegance is what many girls want to strive for however, maintaining an elegant image is no easy task considering the time involved in achieving the look. Though, efforts do not need to go to waste as this look from bebexo, will leave you completely amazed and “elegant-ified.” More »

People toss around the terms “bun” and “chignon” interchangeably, but they actually mean different things. More »

Need the perfect hair for a classy Christmas party? Well beauty guru Michelle Phan (michellephan) and Daven (davenmayeda) are here to help you out! This is a really easy tutorial on how to get an elegant side braided bun with a flair of curls on the side. For people who may have trouble getting all their hair on one side, just secure it with a lot of bobby pins.

Oh and don’t you just love how these two are so playful and happy around each other?

See the tutorial here!

Ever wanted to wear a bun, but worried that it wasn’t stylish enough? Well here’s the trick to make it look good! More »

INCEPTION! No, not really but it may seem that way with this hairstyle that has been created by the wonderful, cerinebabyyish. In her latest tutorial, she presents a rather fascinating look that breaks the typical hairstyle trend. It involves twisting, and…just pretty much twisting to achieve an elegant yet formal look where the twist creates a beautiful bun. More »

Birchbox returns again with a easy hairstyle that you can do with your “second day hair.” For those who have been envious to create a voluminous ballerina-esque bun, your tutorial has arrived. More »

Are you one who is struggling to achieve a cinnamon bun? Although they are difficult, LuxyHair demonstrates her easy way of accomplishing this hairstyle. This simple, yet elegant style is a great corporate look for work or can be worn to evening events. More »

Created by YouTuber cerinebabyyish, comes an inspired idea for a new twist…or should I say “braid” on the typical bun. It’s fairly super easy to recreate and perfect if you like the Gyaru style, especially if you add in any accessories. Though if you aren’t a fan, it’s not that apparent and you can always adjust it to your liking to make it a bit more subtle. More »

For those days that you don’t want to deal with your hair, a bun is one of the hairstyle of choice that is super easy to pull off. Though with today’s Beauty Tip of the Day you’ll be able to add some chicness to it with just one accessory and about two seconds of your time. More »

Today’s Beauty Tip of the Day is to help you achieve creating that chic hair bun, one that you want to look a bit more refined and not so messy and everywhere. More »

Change is good hence why not add the “oomph” back into your everyday hairstyling routine by implementing this alternate rap around bun. This look retains the elegance and the sophistication factor while making this look wearable for an everyday occasion. More »

With school so close, why not return school with a POW! And the perfect way to go, is to spice up your hairstyles. More »

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