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Yatah, I’m officially on summer break! For the last few weeks of classes before finals week, I was lacking on sleep. Well, let’s just make a long story short and say I procrastinated on papers and assignments. However, I did complete everything on time, whoot! (Not the smartest way to get through courses in college) And that practice of sleeping super late at night got me a present: tired, puffy eyes. Eek! On with the concealer in the morning before I would go out. But, there are eye creams to help out, no? Let’s see what the It’s Skin Collagen Eye Cream did for me. More »

In an effort to meet the new trend towards ingestible products with beautifying claims, NestlĂ© has launched an instant coffee containing 200mg of collagen (the protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity) as a part of its NescafĂ© Body Partner Range in Singapore. More »

Welcome to our new weekly special: the International Beauty Report! Each Wednesday, we’ll be bringing you information on beauty secrets, trends and products from around the globe. Today’s beauty trend comes from one of my favorite destinations: Japan.

Sometimes we all wish that we had a little more collagen in our skin to keep it looking smooth and young, but the Japanese are pro-active about getting plenty of it; they actually enrich foods with collagen in order to improve their skin. More »

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