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No, yes, seriously?! I am confused myself… More »

2012 will be a big year. A year awaiting to detail more and better memories than 2011. More »

End the year with a good note by just adding some sparkle and glitter. More »

Always wanted to dress up as something stumble but at the same time, presents the “WOW” factor? Now don’t let the complexity demise what I just said because it is much easier than it seems. Likewise, in dope2111′s latest video tutorial, she demonstrates a simple tutorial to achieve the Princess Elf illusion. More »

I have to admit, a Bollywood bride is absolutely beautiful. Let it be their clothing or makeup, they will look sensational in both aspects. In dope2111’s latest video, she presents an easy bridal makeup tutorial that highlights features of a typical bride. More »

You have seen Part 1 and you ‘Love(d) it like a Love Song‘ so now here’s another! More »

A fan of Selena Gomez’s glamorous make-up look in “Love you Like a Love Song“? Well, you’re in luck today with dope2111’s latest makeup tutorial video where she demonstrates a simple way to assist you on your journey of manipulating makeup to achieve Selena’s “Love you Like a Love Song” look. More »

Belle from Beauty and the Beast has got to be the most beautiful and admiring Disney Princess. Her lovable personality is just as charming as her appearance. If you’re one who absolutely adores Belle, then you should definitely watch the two tutorials from the Youtube beauty gurus, Michelle Phan and dope2111, where they will uncover the secrets to how to achieve this glamorous look. More »

Are you a fan of Youtube guru, dope2111? I am, certainly! She uploads crazy, different and amazingly-inspired tutorials with one of her recent videos featuring a gorgeous Vibrant Purple Eye Makeup that is no exception. Great for a night out! More »

My all-time favorite beauty guru, dope2111, recently uploaded another celebrity makeup transformation. Megan Fox was a highly requested celebrity but you guys should all know, Megan’s nose is really tall! It was hard for Promise to do such but after 3 tries, she finally got it right! And.. of course, we all loved it! More »

How creepy would it be to see a famous dead person outside your house? Perfect for Halloween! dope2111 did an amazing job on this tutorial. Looks so real! I was shocked when I first saw it. More »

Have you ever heard of Antoine Dodson? He became famous because of his “Bed Intruder Song.” He tells everyone to hide their kids, their wives, and their husbands because there is a rapist around. It was on the news which made everyone pretty scared. But this didn’t change dope2111’s mind because she thought it was a perfect Halloween look! She even imitated him with his song. It’s hilarious, yet freaky. More »

Who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? She’s my fashion icon, so I’m expecting lots of Lady Gagas on Halloween. Again, I’m so glad dope2111 created this amazing video. She looks absolutely like her, in an Asian way. Such a precise and neat tutorial. More »

This has to be the most dramatic yet creepy looking make-up tutorial for Halloween so far. The tutorial gets more strange as her eyebrows get almost camouflaged into her skin, which was purposely done. It has been stated herself, dope2111, that this tutorial is somehow inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Vampire look. If you’re looking forward to be a vampire without being bitten by the Cullens, read on: More »

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