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Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub. Wow, that is a long name. But it sure gets all the important points of the product across. The little pig nose associated with it is also cute, though it makes me want to push my nose up to try and imitate it. Oink! Reminds me of Go MiNam in You’re Beautiful, hehe. Okay, now on with the review. More »

When you want your eyes to look a bit more alluring and special, the easiest way is to add a bit of shimmer. Now mention something about jewels and you can color me intrigued. And in rightful timing, Holika Holika comes up to play and present their Jewel-Light Shimmer Eyes, which is a petite single eyeshadow that is simple but cute. And that’s kind-of all I need to give it a try…#easilyamused. More »

The word ’scaling’ is one that shouldn’t be tossed around with beauty terms. Just thinking about it — what could possibly come to mind concerning a beauty product with the word ’scaling’ in it? Is it something that makes your skin turn into scales? Are scales applied to your skin? Gross! But, I went there. I went there with Holika Holika’s Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling and found that your skin doesn’t turn into scales. In fact, scales and/or scaling aren’t involved! More »

If my pores could run, they’d run for cover. They’re so large and noticeable and…oily. In an attempt to help them not be so large and oily, I’ve recently tested Holika Holika’s Pore Sea Stem Cover Balm. Like lip balm is to lips, so is Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Cover Balm to pores. More »

After the fun and prettiness of putting on makeup, making sure you efficiently get it off without roughing up your skin is also important. Holika Holika’s Soda PoreCleansing Light Cleansing Oil makes its appeal as a more gentle way to clean your skin without drying it out. More »

I acquired the Holika Holika Baby Bloom Powder Pact recently thinking that it was meant to be worn with the Holika Holika Baby Bloom Light BB Cream. Turns out, they’re more or less the same product but in different form. Nevertheless, I still gave it a try and figured out my own way to use both. More »

I am of the BB Cream philosophy that states that one shade does not fit all. Yet somehow, I was drawn to Holika Holika’s Baby Bloom Light BB Cream because of its super vague title. Is it light in color? Or does it feel light on your face? Does it emit a sort of light that gives you a ‘blooming’ glow? In hindsight, I probably should’ve just taken the time to translate the Korean product information into Korean, but you know how I am about that. (Not good.) More »

There are all sorts of eyeliners out there, but I think have tried mostly all forms– minus the dot liner. In fact, I don’t even see those in stores (unless I was just totally oblivious). Liquid might be my enemy out of all of them, seeing as I tend to mess up my lines if my eye twitches or my hand just randomly spazzes. Yes, I clearly am not the best at eyeliner drawing. Let’s see if the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Dot Liner in 01 Black worked any wonders for me. More »

Ever since I’ve discovered how much service any sort of eyebrow makeup pays to your face, I’ve been hooked. My latest eyebrow adventure was with Holika Holika’s Wonder Drawing Eyebrow Auto Stick in 02 Brown. Up until now, I’ve only dealt with pens and eyebrow color in solid/cake form. Interestingly, this is my first actual eyebrow pencil encounter. More »

The world of squishy and cute is never-ending. Now when you add it to makeup items, it becomes even more irresistible, especially if it ends up being quite useful. Korean beauty brand Holika Holika aims to please with their Foundation Sponge that isn’t too outrageously cute, but with enough intrigue that it isn’t like all the other plain sponges. More »

Since Holika Holika’s Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner was a proven hit with me, I decided to see what the Jewel-Light Blusher was all about and in a shade called Bitter Peach. Mostly because, what in the world is a Bitter Peach? Peach blush looks great on me, but bitter peach? Of course I had to test this out. More »

Despite Holika Holika’s Strawberry Pore Magic Cover Sealer failing to magically cover and seal my pores, I decided to see if there was any hope with the Strawberry Pore Magic Cover BB Pact in shade No. 2. Testing this product out was actually my first time using a BB pact or BB cream in solid powder compact form. More »

It seems that if a Korean beauty brand is going to expand their makeup shades to accomodate a new, third shade, that shade is Sand Beige. Such is the case with Holika Holika and their Face 2 Change Roller BB Cream which has recently undergone a slight packaging makeover. Sand Beige suits people with medium skin and yellow undertones. I like to call it the South East Asian shade because any Asian cosmetics company looking to expand in other parts of Asia that isn’t China or Japan would do well to incorporate more shades. I’m Filipino and every BB Cream in Sand Beige has suited me much, much better than the standard no. 2/Natural Beige shade. More »

Once upon a time, I had a Jill Stuart pencil sharpener. It was your standard cosmetic pencil sharpener only it had Jill Stuart’s logo slapped on it and it was expensive. The Jill Stuart logo and the price were actually the only things that made this pencil sharpener stand out in the world of sharpeners. What can I say, I was young, dumb and with a little extra money. For awhile I thought that it would be the solution to all my sharpening needs. Enter NARS and their larger than life Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils and Soft Touch Shadow Pencils. All of a sudden, my fancy Jill Stuart sharpener just wasn’t enough. It only had one hole and it only accommodated skinny pencils. What’s a girl to do? More »

Pores. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Mine particularly, are huge thanks to genetics. Although I understand it’s impossible for any one single product to shrink pores, I’m always on the lookout for a new fix. Like say, Holika Holika’s Smooth Egg Skin Tightening Essence. Gotta love Korean beauty products and their funny names! More »

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