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Studs have been rather fashionable lately, so why not spread the stud love and sport them on your nails? It’s very simple to achieve this look, but it looks like it cost you a trip to the salon. So, what are you waiting for? Give this nail tip a try! More »

So the trend I’ve been seeing pop up everywhere recently over the internet is for nebula and galaxy nail designs. I love space themes and nebulas usually have such pretty color combinations that I had to try it out immediately! More »

Do you like to add some pizzazz to your nails without using overly bright colors and patterns? If so, then this nude confetti look is definitely for you. Check out how easy it is to achieve this look below. More »

If you are looking for a punk-ish looking nail design then these studded nails are perfect! They do take a long time to do so in the video I only show myself doing the thumb! It’s a really fun design and really easy! More »

Since a few of us are going to United Cube in London I thought I would do a tutorial of a design I once found on google. Using all of the artists which are going to be at United Cube (B2ST, 4Minute and G.NA) I redesigned the nails onto my own! More »

Today’s nail tutorial is a easy way to get those marble effect nails without the hassle of using water! If you are like me and find it too messy and hard to get a good effect by using water this is a easy way of getting a nice effect without the water! More »

Today’s nails are meaningful to, i’m sure, many of you. I thought of doing something special, so I found myself doing Breast Cancer Awareness nails. More »

Today’s tutorial is really simple and colourful and is perfect for a casual look! I decided to add a hint of orange as well! This is a cool but cute look for anyone who has short or long nails! More »

Today’s nail tutorial is another one of the Halloween-themed nails I’ve created, these are really easy to do just like the candy corn nails! Plus I really wanted to try out Barry M’s new Foil Instant Effect nail varnish! More »

Today’s nail tutorial is a very messy one! It’s using two colors to create a misty effect, I took the idea from the ombre nails trend, but changed it slightly to get this inspired look! More »

Here comes another leopard print nail art! But there is so much you can do with leopard print! This time it’s using multiple colours to create rainbow nails! This is perfect for parties or just wanting to have more colour in your nails! More »

It’s coming close to Halloween so I thought that some Halloween-themed nails were needed! So here are some Candy Corn-themed nails! Super easy to do, cute, and very festive! More »

Today’s nail tutorial was actually inspired by The Grace who had this style nail art once! It’s pretty simple and you can easily customized your own nails using this easy template! More »

Today’s nail tutorial is a design which my flat mate made for me during our first week and finally I have put the new design onto my nails! It’s pretty simple so it will be easy to re-do onto your own! More »

By nature, every girl loves bling, whether it be fake or real, we just love bling! It adds sophistication and adds a touch of femininity and allows every female individual to feel the comfort of being fashionable. Likewise, in Beautycakez’s latest video tutorial, she takes this aspect into account as she presents an ever so easy nail art tutorial that takes no more than 5 minutes to complete! More »

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