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Are you a scarf lover? With these ideas, you can wear scarves even in the spring or summer and not die of heat! More »

Now that its winter, isn’t it good that we get to wear scarves? I know you can wear those fashionable scarves in summer but I am talking about those big thick scarves that you can only wear in summer! Scarves are one of my favorite items and I will wear them whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately, it is kind of a downer when you keep on seeing me wearing them and it looks the same every time! If you are a victim of that, like me, make sure you watch this video cause it will make all your troubles go away! More »

One of the big hair trends for this spring is the scarf. Whether it is loosely tied around your hair, intricately wrapped into a chic turban, or woven into a long braid, the scarf has many functions. So as long as you are being functional, why not be philanthropic at the same time? Tribal Societé is a really fun online shop that sells products made by local artisans in places like Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. A portion of all sales go to the Global Fund for Women! One of my favorite products they sell are the scarves made in Thailand. More »

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