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Last year, Tom Ford released some beautiful shades of lipstick. This winter, he is back with a whole new limited edition, featuring four types of red lipstick to match his Jasmin Rouge fragrance. Perfect for the holiday season! More »

Lacquerous is a new subscription nail polish club that follows the same lines as Netflix or Redbox. More »

Usually when you think award shows (or at least I do), you think of makeup teams just piling on almost everything they can for a flawless face. Surprisingly it was NARS and their newly tinted moisturizer that created the look that Gwyneth Paltrow rocked as she beamed on the red carpet and as a presenter at yesterday’s 84th Academy Awards. More »

A few months ago, Tom Ford announced plans of releasing a new makeup collection. Now, down along the road, we now get to see what his nail lacquers look like. More »

Tom Ford has decided to delve into the world of make-up and cosmetics after being successful in the fashion industry and the Tom Ford Beauty Collection has quite a few different beauty products for you to try out. More »

Many huge designers of today including Guerlain and Chanel, and along with even the smaller companies like Edward Bess, are already snatching at your wallets with their lipsticks that range from $30 to $40. More »

At a VIP Bergdorf Goodman event just last week, fashion designer and beauty entrepreneur Tom Ford made a personal appearance to help show off his new cosmetics line. Maybe it was the excitement from the event, the love for the actual collection, or a combination paired with the good-looking charms of Ford himself, but it seems like big sales were made in that one night. How big? Try $52,000 worth of makeup. Wow. More »

New from Tom Ford comes his limited edition skincare line, which will be available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, both online and physically. You can pre-order the set on both sites ( and until November 1st. More »

Like his skincare line, Tom Ford revealed his Tom Ford Beauty Cosmetics line that will be available physically in November. However, if you’re itching for this set and want to see it sooner, then you can pre-order it on and until November 1st. Otherwise, you’ll have to go into those physical stores. More »

While discussing about his new make up range, Allure didn’t fail to ask Tom Ford about the names he manages to come up with for the shades. His responses? Keep reading to find out! More »

Supermodel Lara Stone is Tom Ford’s new muse for his newest fragrance Violet Blonde, and boy, does she bring out the sophistication in this ad. Apparently, Violet Blonde is said to be refined and provide the ultimate feminine seduction. More »

Tom Ford is coming out with a massive 132-piece (!) Color Collection this fall and it will contain beauty products such as pigmented make-up, skin care, and new scents. And to keep with his flair of choosing some rather eyebrow-raising names, he will give some items some rather interesting names, such as the Lost Cherry lipstick or the Bitter B*tch nail polish. Check out some of the new products below, coming to a counter near you in November. More »

Designer Tom Ford is taking his artistic skills to bring a whole new aesthetic look to the world of make-up. His high-end makeup is not without the help of Lara Stone and this collection is set to feature an entire color collection and paired up with skin care. Ford said that he uses the same vocabulary for both designing and cosmetics. Check out the collection preview below! More »

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