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If concealer were yogurt, I’d say Tony Moly’s Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer is the greek yogurt of concealers. I say this because my encounter with the Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer in No. 2 Porcelain reminds me of my first encounter with greek yogurt. Like most greek yogurt, the Berry Lovely Girl Tip Concealer isn’t advertised as being creamy so it was such a pleasant surprise. More »

They say violet does wonders for brown eyes. Somehow, I’ve been lacking in violet eye color so I decided to give Tony Moly’s Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in 07 Night Violet a spin. More »

In the blink of an eye, it’s become November. Does anyone even remember what they did in October? Either way, I know a good chunk of mine were beauty product reviews and with so many, here are my 5 favorites that you should totally check out. More »

One look at TONY MOLY’s Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream and it’s easy to see where the attraction would be to pick it up. I mean, how could you even resist? I definitely couldn’t and so I was super excited to get the chance to try it out. More »

TONY MOLY Aqua Aura Moisture Cream More »

From the subtly colorful look of TONY MOLY’s Prestige Carat Gloss, it was hard to not want to pick it up. With its sleek design, it comes looking so chic. Though it was hard to gauge if it would be able to perform the same to match. Plus, you can never have too many lip glosses, right? Especially one that is offering carats - while you’re waiting for the significant moment for the other one… More »

Carrying itself with an air of flirty allure, it’s no wonder that when you want to look dressed up, red is usually the go-to color. Though if you’re going the lipstick route, that usually comes with a bit of weight and having to worry if you’ve smudged your pretty pout. And while I don’t really gravitate towards the reds, TONY MOLY’s Kiss Tint Marker was able to warm me up to welcoming it into my beauty arsenal with the classic and glamorous red shade that is #02 Kiss Red - a fitting name for the kiss-worthy look that I attempted. More »

Powder pacts are always handy to have in case of you sweating unnecessarily anywhere or if you have oily skin. Tony Moly’s Dear Me Petite Cotton Pact happens to be a good product to have with you at all times, it’s got the powder, the mirror, and the puff. It also comes in 2 colours, but I have the one in 02 Natural Beige. More »

Why let your lips have all the tinting fun when your cheeks can join in on the action? The Tony Moly Aqua Aura Jelly Tint Cheek is a gel-like tint just for the cheeks. Perfect for those who aren’t keen on powder or cream-type brushes. Me? I’m a powder-blush kind of a girl but after seeing how vibrant the orange is on the Aqua Aura Jelly Tint Cheek in Orange Bong Bong, I thought I’d give cheek tint a spin for the first time. More »

Have you ever had trouble finding the right shadow/liner combination? Well, TONY MOLY has made it much easier by pairing an eyeliner and a cream shadow in one stick. The Crystal Eye Decoration stick in brown has the possibility of being as awesome as it sounds. Read on to see how it holds up. More »

After the last one, there’s no strong desire to have just a regular tube of lip balm anymore. I mean, how could you deny something that has an added cutenest level rather than just a cylinder? The Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm from TONY MOLY is a bit more cheeky than usual, being a big pair of lips, but at least you won’t forget what body part it’s for. More »

When amusing Engrish is too adorable to ignore, I feel like you can’t help but want to go along with whatever it is that they’ve printed. With the TONY MOLY Berry Lovely Girl Jelly Lip, it’s at least all positive words. But let’s see if it’s able to leave me looking as “berry lovely” as I’m expect it to. More »

When a cute, winking cat comes into the picture as an option for your makeup, how could you say no? I definitely couldn’t and seeing TONY MOLY’s Cat’s Wink Mascara, it’s not too overly cute, being in black, but just adorable enough to pick it up to try. More »

Slap a cute-looking bunny on it and I’m instantly intrigued. Though TONY MOLY is a brand that I’ve liked and has success with the items that I’ve tried from them before. And while the the Mini Bunny Hand Cream seems pretty normal, it surprised me with how happy it made my hands feel. More »

When it comes to Korean beauty products, the letters AC have absolutely nothing to do with DC, AC Slater from Saved by the Bell or air conditioners. AC on any Korean beauty product automatically means acne. Why? Perhaps people printing Korean beauty product packaging forgot the ‘n’ and the ‘e’ and decided to just run with AC. So naturally,Tony Moly Dr. AC Control Cleansing Foam is a cleanser designed for those with acne. Like myself! More »

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